This can’t be a good idea

I have two blogs already. One is my gaming blog, which I largely ignore unless I want to gush about a good game or rant about the industry or bitch about the way female gamers are perceived.And I have a personal blog. If I want to whine about bad period pain, that’s where I do it. It’s friends only, so only my friends have to hear about debilitating dysmenorrhea or my latest whim or what pissed me off today. The world at large does not need (and I’m sure it doesn’t want) that kind of information.

I do talk about my knitting on my personal blog, but I don’t like it, where ‘it’ is defined as the way that I talk about knitting on my personal blog. Some of my friends knit, and most of them have either taken it up or rediscovered it recently. I find myself talking down to them and I hate it. What I hate even more is when I don’t and I get the online equivalent of blank stares. I am aware that I lack the skills of the best bloggers, who talk about their projects in such a way that – rather than disseminating confusion – they sprinkle enlightenment and understanding. I envy them, but not a whole lot as I’m content to be on the receiving end of aforementioned enlightenment. I like to be enlightened.

This is a refuge blog, where I can talk about knitting in the way that makes me feel good about it. Maybe I can even interact with other knitters who know the score and can explain things at me for a change.

Maybe I hope for too much.

At least it will add to my Ravelry page.


~ by dreadlordvellan on October 24, 2007.

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