Friends, Romans, countrymen: lend me your spare time

I believe quite firmly that weekends are sacred. This is because working a regular Monday to Friday job is the 5uxx0rz, and weekends are so precious that I cannot afford to waste a single second.

Contrary to popular belief, the weekend does not start on Saturday. The weekend starts on Friday night when we arrive after doing the shopping on the way home from work. (I do the supermarket shopping for things like dishwashing liquid and batteries, and the Handsome Husband does the Central Market shopping for meat and vegetables. He’s the one who cooks, so it’s only fair. I can whip through the supermarket while he’s still squeezing onions or inspecting fish, so I sit and engage in ubiquitous knitting and coffee while I wait for him. That way valuable non-work time is not wasted.)

When the weekend starts – tonight – I will begin by soaking my grey handspun. I’ll leave it to soak overnight, in order to get started with the dyeing early tomorrow. While it soaks, I’ll pack away the shopping and do some Christmas knitting. I will also flip through the Fall/Autumn Interweave Knits as there were a couple of patterns I wanted to make. I’ll note down the yarn composition, wpi, yardages etc.

Saturday morning I will commence dyeing early, and leave the first batch of yarn in the crock pot while I go on the day’s excursion. First to pick up a potential new spinner (hooray!) and then to visit Bella at Walking Wheel Studio. I’m ostensibly going to pick up the high speed flyer kit for my Ashford Kiwi, and to try and get my friend kitted out with a spindle, but there’s a fair chance that I’ll walk out with fibre as well. I’m hoping that there will be more of the brown/green alpaca/Corriedale blend that looks so incredibly fabulous spun up. (Note to self: take and post picture).

From there we’ll go to the Yarn Barn, who – rumour has it – are currently in the throes of a winter clearance sale. It’s not that I need more yarn, it’s that it would be irresponsible of me to avoid the sale and then pay full price later on for something that I could have got at a reduced price now. I know that’s a flimsy excuse. I know I’m not fooling anyone. But it’s important to keep up appearances.

That’s where Friday night’s list comes in handy, as I can then try to buy as much yarn as I need for a project, should something take my eye. I suffer from buying one or two skeins just because they’re too lovely to resist, but I’m unlikely to buy a project’s worth of yarn without a specific project in mind. Hence the details. I don’t know if the Yarn Barn stocks laceweight, but I can hope.

After exercising exemplary restraint and not buying very much at all, really, when you think about it…I will drop the friend off who will hopefully go home to practice spinning on her spindle. I will return home and check on the crock pot. The dye bath will have exhausted and my grey yarn will be beautiful shades of green (visualise success, Vellan). While it’s cooling off, I’ll begin varnishing the Kiwi. I’m anxious to have a good play with it and get to know it well. And, yes, I have some lavender-coloured Corriedale that I want to spin and knit into little lavender-filled sachets. Not that that sort of thing floats my boat, but the grandmothers will appreciate it in the Christmas gifts. I have no illusions that I will get that far this weekend.

While the second batch of yarn is in progress, and the first is hanging up to dry, I will hopefully be able to paint the Kiwi’s wheel. I have a plan. While the Kiwi is drying, the yarn is drying and the second batch of yarn is happily dyeing away, I will be able to get back to some knitting. Hopefully Christmas knitting, as I still have such a lot to do.

With some good time management and a lot of luck, I may be knitting with my hand-dyed handspun at Ktog on Sunday.


~ by dreadlordvellan on October 26, 2007.

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