What am I going to do with a Lorikeet?

Last time I was at the Guild, I picked up a packet of the below as I swept through at barely sub-sonic speeds*.

A packet of Fibreworks “Lorikeet” (Merino wool top 21 micron, 100g, AU$8.70). We regularly have rosellas and lorikeets and other Australian parrots passing through our back/front/side yard, and because I was in an almighty rush, I just went ‘ooh, pretty’ and grabbed it. I thought it would be fun to spin.

And it was.

Lorikeet yarn & top

There are a couple of things to say about the yarn above. Firstly, my Kiwi is down to two bobbins because Yuki stole one when I varnished them and left them to dry. This is not the first time the Shmook has stolen/eaten/destroyed bobbins. I was less than impressed with the Handsome Husband, who was under orders to keep her away from the drying bobbins at all costs. He failed his mission. She is a lot quicker than he is.

So, having two bobbins meant that I decided to navajo ply it. The singles was pretty uneven to start with. I am trying to work out how to spin thicker, and it’s like learning to spin all over again. (Also possibly because I was more interested in watching the box set of Invader Zim and only spinning to keep my hands busy.) The navajo plying naturally made the inconsistencies more prominent, and on top of that I’m not good at the technique. I need practice, I suppose.

In spite of that, at somewhere between worsted and bulky it is officially my thickest yarn ever, and I’m pretty pleased with that. :-)

But now I have to work out what the hell to do with it. Reds, blues and greeny-yellows are lovely, but nothing I’m going to wear. And frankly, Handsome Husband would probably shoot himself before he’d wear a jaunty, primary-coloured beanie.

For now I’ll spin the other half and then go looking for pattern inspiration.

* Why was I in such a rush? Because I had to get home to finish this stencil.


~ by dreadlordvellan on November 11, 2007.

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