Lies, Damn Lies and Shipping Policies

We all know that Knit Picks won’t ship outside the US/Canada.  According to their website, here’s why:

 “Our primary reason for this is that we are not able to provide our international customers with the same superior service we provide to our North American customers.”

This statement, examined logically, seems…well…illogical.  They absolutely must provide superior service at all costs.   They are so dedicated to superior service that they would rather be rated zero (where zero represents a score of “You’re ignoring me, you bastards”) than suffer the indignity of a respectable if not outstanding score like, say, a 7 (where seven represents a score of “I paid for stuff and it turned up”).  It seems insane, but they elaborate.  Perhaps for clarification.

We have not been able to locate satisfactory shipping options that will work for all 75 countries we were servicing for our other companies.

Oh, right, it’s all down to a lack of satisfactory shipping options.  That makes sense.

…No, sorry, it still doesn’t.   Any solution to these mysterious shipping problems has to work for all 75 countries.  What75 countries?  We don’t know because they don’t say. But presumably it means that they won’t ship to the UK via the Royal Mail because they don’t trust the postal service in Uzbekistan.

No matter how I look at it, I can’t get their explanation to add up.  It would make so much more sense for them to be honest and say ‘at the present time, it is not financially viable for us to expand into the international market.  In the future, when we’ve worked out how to make more money by selling overseas, we’ll let you know.’  Everything comes down to money in the end.  Certainly not over-hyped ideals of service.

I’ll be honest myself and admit that there isn’t even anything I want to buy from them.  I don’t like being patronised.

In happier news I have finished dyeing yarn for the Pretty as a Peacock shawl.  I’ll put up a photo once I manage to take a photo that accurately depicts the colour.


~ by dreadlordvellan on November 18, 2007.

2 Responses to “Lies, Damn Lies and Shipping Policies”

  1. Hey you know I set up a blog called ‘come on knitpicks’ to act as an online petition for exactly the same issue. It was a while ago now, and knitpicks are aware of it, but they still didn’t give a crap.

    It’s the disingenuous statement that pisses me off, if they don’t want to deliver overseas they should just say ‘it’s too hard and we don’t need the drop in the ocean the extra business will bring’ instead of the crap they espouse.

    And international shipping logistics are SOO hard. I mean amazon have so much trouble. NOT. Plus, it isn’t a viability issue, after all, the user pays the shipping so it’s cost neutral to knitpicks. They just can’t be bothered.

    BTW, they don’t seem to have a problem shipping the knitpicks options needles to any stockist who will buy them either.

    I know the Australian distributor of knitpicks options (he lives locally) and he says they aren’t even considering the distribution of the yarns.

    And also, I did receive an email from the owners of knitpicks asking me for my phone number so they could call me to discuss ‘distribution’. I emailed my number right back to them (which I don’t think they actually expected) but I didn’t hear from them again.

    You could say racists. However, it’s probably more like they just don’t give a rats about any other country except their own. And with their multi million turnover, they don’t really need us at all.

    Anyhow, I came here to give you some encouragement about the peacock shawl, so I’ll get onto that now. Show us the colour of the yarn you dyed for the peacock shawl!!

  2. I hate this policy, too. Because all those other companies, they obviouslty have SUCH trouble with their mail… I don’t think.

    But I’m with you. They could just say ‘it’s too hard. We can’t do it. Do you realise what that would mean? The logisitcs are just too crazy’. I could deal with that. But this ‘oh, we’re too perfect the ship to all you second-class citizens’ business.

    Especially since their slogan used to be something lik e’travelling the world to bring you yadda yadd.’ (I just wen’t to check what the yadda bit was, and it’s now ‘passionately committed to affordable luxy knitting’)

    I left a comment on their site, saying how much I enjoy their podcast (it’s true. never expected to, but I really enjoy it) and berating them for their ridiculous position. They wrote back and asked if they could use the one sentance in there that wasn’t negative in their catalouge. I tiredly agreed. Blah.

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