I feel bad…

…because not only have I not posted as recently as I would have liked, but because the post left sitting there was such a negative one.

Not that negativity is bad, a bit of negativity is good.  But I really should have bumped the bitching down the page earlier.

My main reason for not posting is because I dyed some lovely yarn.  I have photographed it three times.  In natural daylight, under a halogen lamp, and under fluorescent lights.  I can not get an image of this yarn that accurately represents the colour.  I swear, there is a curse on this yarn.

It was three balls of Sullivans Sock Yarn that I’m using for the Pretty as a Peacock shawl.  (Which is coming along, thanks.  But if I can’t even take a decent photo of the yarn, I have no hope of taking a decent picture of the shawl in progress.)

My shipment from Bendigo arrived, which always makes me happy.  It arrived on the same day as the parcel from Amazon, which contained – mostly – knitting books.

I was a little bit disappointed when I discovered this fact – sample cards lie.

I examined the yarn for the Jackie skirt, which (on the sample card) looked like black shot with blue.  It turns out that black shot with blue is actually heathered navy.  Yes, I know.  I possibly could have seen that one coming.

Don’t get me wrong, the yarn is still very pretty.  It’s just that I’m not going to wear a navy skirt.  So now I have to a) order more yarn from Bendigo in the appropriate colours, and b) find another use for 600g of heathered navy and 200g of heathered blue.  (Bendigo Rustic 8 ply/DK in Midnight Tweed and Mariner, if anyone is interested.)  Maybe I’ll stick it on Ravelry under trade/sell…

Changing the subject now, do you know who does have a shipping policy that includes OS?  WEBS.  And they also sell spinning stuff.


~ by dreadlordvellan on November 30, 2007.

One Response to “I feel bad…”

  1. Webs deliveries are fast too. The knitting zone are even faster, I’ve had US deliveries come to AUS in less than a week.

    Once I ordered on a Friday night at 6pm from a UK ebay seller, Janette’s rare yarns and the yarn arrived on TUESDAY morning the following week! I couldn’t have gone and picked it up quicker.

    Don’t worry about the negativity. I’d rather see one honest post full of fury than any nubmer of boring saccharine sweet comment baits anyday. But then again, nobody wants to be a cantankerous old crackpot like me!

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