In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s now a month into 2008.  Which means that Christmas is less than 11 months away.  (Yes, I have started Christmas knitting…why do you ask?)

 One of the things that I thought over – because I don’t do resolutions, New Year’s or any other kind – was that as fun as it is to cast on a plethora of new projects, it’s also nice to get things finished.  I thought that I’d try finishing things, just for a change, and see how that went.

 It’s going pretty well.  I have spun, dyed and knit the Cable Footies (from One Skein) in a week.  Okay, they’re nearly finished.  I only have the forethought heels to go.

 The other thing that I considered changing in my knitting life was the frequency with which I take photos.  Particularly photos of FOs.  Once it’s finished I loose interest.  Completely.  If it’s for someone else I just want it the hell out of my life.  This is probably some kind of character flaw.  The sad news is that I haven’t managed to make much headway changing that; so no pictures for this post.

My yarn from Webs turned up yesterday.  (That would be Webs, who post to Australia and whom I love, and not KnitPicks who *don’t * post to Australia.)  Yarn for a cardigan.  A ball of cotton/wool blend to test-knit for my Handsome Husband who is extremely hot-blooded and has Teh Hate for wool.  The guy walks around in cotton singlets on the coldest days of winter.  I can understand that he finds wool hot – but I make sacrifices for him, don’t I?

Also from Webs, two hanks of Shibui Knits Sock in the colourway Anime.  How could I refuse that?


~ by dreadlordvellan on January 31, 2008.

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