So I lied / Foreign Climes

There is, as yet, no photo showing the outcome of the situation with the white(?) alpaca fleece.

 Thisis because I don’t know the outcome yet.  It has been through four soaks, and still there is mud at the bottom of the bucket.  Each time I check it I think ‘Hmmm.  Still looks pretty dirty’, and that’s because it is dirty.  So I empty out the dirty water (wash the bucket because there’s mud in the bottom) and add clean water, detergent, alpaca bag.  Frankly, I’m pretty much over it, emotionally.  If it’s unusable, I’ll live with it and learn from it.  I’m a little past caring.

Why do I not have a divider on the toolbar?  I want to talk about something else.  You’ll just have to imagine a divider here.

 I was roused to thought by a recent post on Sara Lamb’s blog, where she discussed the imperfections of textile items that are made in remote communities, in parts of the world where essential items can’t be bought and must be made. 

Implied (at least I infer) is the notion that we lucky inhabitants of the western world – we who are involved with textiles by choice – might be grateful that we have the luxury of perfection.  We can afford to be demanding of our projects.  We can afford to leave something unfinished until we can find the right materials, or think over a stitch pattern until we determine which is the most aesthetically pleasing.

At least, that was how it seemed to me, and I am grateful.


~ by dreadlordvellan on February 12, 2008.

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