FO #5: Mum’s Cashmere Scarf


Originally uploaded by Vellan

Way back when, I made a resolution to include more photos.

I think I’ve been successful, but now it turns out that my blog is just a commentary for my Flickr. ~sigh~

Moving on…pictured is the softest scarf ever.

Don’t believe me? You should. It is 100% cashmere. It is made of soft. I was lucky enough to score this yarn from Stranded in Oz. Yes, handpainted cashmere goodness.

Of the 50g skein, I still have 8g left. I had intended to use all of it, but I had an encounter with RSI that slowed the knitting considerably. And then I thought that it shouldn’t be too long, because your jeans don’t care how soft it is.

Does anyone have suggestions for the remaining eight grams? I’m looking for any alternatives, because all I can think of is knitting a liner for my bra. Mmmmm, soft.


~ by dreadlordvellan on June 3, 2008.

One Response to “FO #5: Mum’s Cashmere Scarf”

  1. There are more colours in that than I remember. More distinctly seperate colours, anyway.

    I think some people basically use flickr AS a blog. Flickr is weird. There are layers. And stuff…

    What’s wrong with a liner for your bra, I want to know?

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